Strategic Questions Shaping the Dialogue at Targeting EVs 2024

The scientific board will address questions designed to stimulate discussion and provide comprehensive exploration during Targeting EVs 2024. The discussions will cover a broad range of strategic topics.

Non-Standardization of EVs and Exosomes

1. What are the main challenges preventing the standardization of EVs in research and clinical applications?

2. What steps are being taken by the scientific community to develop standardized protocols for EV research?

3. How do the physicochemical properties of EVs contribute to the difficulty in establishing standard practices?

Targeting EVs and Exosomes to Specific Organs and Tissues

4. What are the current methods used to target EVs to specific organs or tissues?

5. How can surface modifications on EVs enhance their targeting efficiency

6. What role do ligands and receptors play in the targeted delivery of EVs?

7. How does the microenvironment of specific tissues influence the uptake of EVs?

8. What are the potential therapeutic benefits of precisely targeting EVs to tumors?

9. How can EVs be used as vehicle for different cargo and drugs?

Using EVs and Exosomes as Biomarkers

10. Why is using EVs aas biomarkers still considered far from reality?

11. What are the key challenges in isolating and identifying specific EVs as disease markers?

12. How can advances in high-throughput technologies improve the feasibility of using EVs as biomarkers?

13. What are the potential advantages of using exosomes over traditional biomarkers?

14. How can multi-omics approaches enhance the reliability of EVs as diagnostic tools?

Mitochondria & Microbiota: Crucial Impact

15. How do EVs contribute to the optimization of mitochondrial function through protein and genetic material transfer?

16. What are the mechanisms by which EVs can spread damaged mitochondrial components, and how does this affect disease progression?

17. In what ways can targeted drug delivery via EVs improve mitochondrial-related therapies?

18. How do microbiota-derived EVs facilitate communication between microbial communities and host cells?

19. What potential biomarkers can be identified from microbiota-derived EVs for immune modulation?

20. How can understanding microbiota-derived EVs lead to new therapeutic strategies for managing microbiota-related diseases?

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