Our Approach

The First Conference on Targeting Extracellular Vesicles, scheduled for October 17-18, 2024, in Malta, is a significant and strategic event organized by the Extracellular Vesicles Task Force, a collaboration between the World Mitochondria Society and the International Society of Microbiota.

This pioneering initiative is set to explore the multifaceted roles of extracellular vesicles (EVs) with a special focus on mitochondria and microbiota. Here are some of the key topics and discussions that will be featured at the conference:

1. EVs & Mitochondria:

Discussions will revolve around the dual role of EVs in mitochondrial function. They are instrumental in optimizing mitochondrial function by transferring proteins and genetic materials, which is vital for targeted drug delivery. However, they also pose risks by spreading damaged mitochondrial components, contributing to disease progression. The latest research in this field aims at biomarker discovery and regenerative approaches in mitochondrial medicine.

2. Microbiota & EVs:

This segment will focus on microbiota-derived EVs and their significant role in health and disease. They facilitate communication among microorganisms and influence host cells, serving as potential biomarkers. These interactions between host-derived EVs and the microbiota offer promising therapeutic strategies for immune modulation, microbial balance restoration, and treating microbiota-related diseases.

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