1. EVs & Mitochondria

  • Dual role in mitochondrial function
  • Potential in drug delivery and risk in disease progression
  • Latest research on EV-mitochondria relationship
  • Therapeutic potential in redox medicine
  • The function and application of mitochondria-derived EVs
  • Utilization of EVs in targeting mitochondrial diseases
  • EVs in iron metabolism
  • Role of EVs in redox biology and redox medicine

2. Microbiota Derived EVs

  • Communication between microorganisms and influence on host cells
  • EVs in interkingdom communication
  • Influence of microbiota-derived EVs on host health
  • Role as biomarkers and in immune response
  • Latest advancements in EVs and microbiota research

3. EVs & Skin Health

  • Impact on skin regeneration and wound healing
  • Potential as non-invasive biomarkers for skin diseases
  • Influence on skin immunity and aging
  • EVs’ impact on skin aging and potential longevity strategies
  • Strategic Questions to Discuss

4. Synthetic Exosomes & Nanomedicine Innovations

  • Advances in the design and clinical applications of synthetic exosomes with a focus on microbiota and mitochondria.
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