Liposomes & Exosomes: Lessons & Perspectives

Volkmar Weissig

Midwestern University, College of Pharmacy Glendale, USA

Prof. Volkmar Weissig, from Midwestern University, College of Pharmacy Glendale, USA will join the First World Congress on Targeting Extracellular Vesicles.

Topic: Liposomes & Exosomes: Lessons & Perspectives.

Presentation Summary:

Liposomes were formulated for the first time at the beginning of the 1960s, exosomes were discovered at the beginning of the 1980s. Liposomes have been extensively explored as a drug delivery system for 50+ years, and exosomes have been systematically studied for their essential and multifaceted roles in cell biology,  physiology and disease for over 40 years.

More recently, exosomes came into the spotlight as a potential drug delivery system, based among others on their biocompatibility, low-toxicity and low immunogenicity, which are essential drug delivery system features they have in common with liposomes.

The first liposomal drug was FDA approved in 1995, currently there are over 15 liposome-based nanomedicines in the clinic. On the way towards drug approval, Liposomologists had to solve numerous problems which are currently also being discussed by researchers who are trying to utilize exosomes as a drug delivery system. Such problems involve basic pharmacokinetic issues, like absorption, distribution and clearance, further efficient drug loading, vesicle stability, surface modifications (leading to potential immunogenicity)  and finally all aspects associated with pharmaceutical manufacturing including appropriate methods for vesicle characterization.

Prof. Weissig's presentation will focus on lessons learned in the history of over 50 years of Liposome Technology, which should be heeded by new investigators who are exploring exosomes as a drug delivery system.

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